My WBU - How to Select a Home Store

We are overjoyed to bring you quality bird food and products in multiple locations.

Having two physical locations means having two "online locations".
This means you may have some changes to make within your online account.

* Instructions to Change home store-
Here's what to do if you are already an online customer:

-If your delivery address is closer to our Oakdale location, then you have no changes to make!
-If your delivery address is closer to our new East Setauket location, then follow these steps.
-Login > Click "Your Name's Account" > "My Profile" > "Shop Another Store" > Search "East Setauket" > Verify the address is 4046 Nesconset Hwy, East Setauket NY 11733 > Click " Shop Now" (Note: you may have to enter your password to confirm)

Here is what to do if you have never shopped online with us, but wish to begin:

-Determine which of our locations is closer to your delivery address
-If it is our Oakdale location, then visit
-If it is our East Setauket location, then visit
-Once on either page, follow these steps:
-Click "Register/Login" > "Register Here" > Follow the prompts (Be sure to register with the email address that the store has on file!)

If you have any questions throughout the process, feel free to give either of our locations a call and one of our team members can help you! Thank you for your continued support!